The Presentation

DINOSAURS AT LARGE is a hands on, interactive educational experience for primary school children designed to develop an understanding of changing environments, extinction and the world of dinosaurs.

The presentation is developed in conjunction with palaeontologists and educators. Our presenters are fully qualified school teachers with specialised training in the subject of palaeontology to bring this subject alive and enrich your students.

Many opportunities are created to involve the students and have them experience first hand the Age of the Dinosaurs and, as with all Inschool Experiences presentations, student interaction is maximised. Lesson concepts are reinforced by linking information to life experiences and the participation of students throughout the presentation.

The DINOSAURS AT LARGE program brings to your school a collection of interesting fossils and remains including a unique life size Tyrannosaurus rex, which will amaze both students and teachers alike and generate enormous enthusiasm for the presentation in your school. A number of schools have received excellent media coverage of this event.

Visual Aids

In many ways dinosaurs, whilst they existed in different times, were similar to modern animals. These similarities in dinosaur behavior and physical characteristics are explored and developed with the use of interesting visual aids including:

(The largest meat-eating dinosaur)
  • Stegosaurus skull, spine and back plate

(The second largest meat-eating dinosaur)
  • Full size Allosaurus skull, teeth and claws

Tyrannosaurus rex
(The largest meat-eating dinosaur)
  • Full size model 15 metres long by 8 metres high
  • Maxilla (jawbone) teeth and claws

Various other dinosaur remains including dinosaur eggs, bones, fossils, skin and fossilised dinosaur poo (coprolite).

Dinosaurs At Large Presenters

Your DINOSAURS AT LARGE presenter will be a specially trained, qualified school teacher and during the presentation will provide information to your students on the following topics

  • Evolution and the history of life;
  • Geologic time, strata and dating;
  • Fossils;
  • Palaeontology & palaeontologists;
  • Dinosaurs and their environment;
  • The differences between meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs;
  • Dinosaur eggs & nests;
  • Classification of dinosaurs;
  • Classification of the vertebrates;
  • Dinosaur tracks;
  • Dinosaur intelligence;
  • Extinction of the dinosaurs;
  • Early dinosaur hunters;
  • Dinosaurs by continent or country.
  • The bird-dinosaur connection;
  • Dinosaurs and warm-bloodedness;
  • Dinosaur records;
  • Apatosaurus - Brontosaurus;
  • Dinosaur contemporaries;

Your presenter will provide information during the presentation which will enable you to link the subject of dinosaurs into many aspects of the curriculum.