Dinosaurs at School


Eric W. Cope
Managing Director of Dinosaurs at Large

I have always been fascinated by material and resources available to schools for children to learn about the environment and the world around them. For many years I have travelled throughout New South Wales and Victoria visiting schools with crocodiles, snakes and endangered animals. Now I am proud to be able to present DINOSAURS AT LARGE throughout Australia.

As a child, the only school incursion that I can recall, was a whip cracker. That did not raise my interest in whips, but I still can recall it to this day, some forty years later. Incursions make a profound impression on the minds of students.

I soon realised that simply turning up at schools with a load of “ooh ahh” specimens and doing a “show” may be entertaining, but is not necessarily educational. Since the company’s inception our number one policy has been that every programme must always have a sound educational basis. DINOSAURS AT LARGE is our best programme yet.

DINOSAURS AT LARGE is more than just a show about dinosaurs. It is a positive learning experience taken to schools. We have gone to great lenghts to link the incursion theme with the normal school curriculum.

DINOSAURS AT LARGE provides more than just a break from the classroom. The programme brings paleontologists and specially trained school teachers to the school to share with the students their experience and knowledge in an easy to understand format. The programme contains a wealth of fossils, posters and unique dinosaur items. We provide more information and have more resources for the students than can possibly be covered in a one-hour presentation. Teachers are encouraged to link the extensive pre- and post-visit activities we provide to other classroom activities.

This programme has been well received all over Australia. I believe this positive response is because of our continued emphasis on quality in education.

So, what is this newspaper you have in your hands? This newspaper is the first in a series aimed at increasing understanding and knowledge about dinosaurs and related subjects. It is written for you, the teacher, but more advanced students will enjoy it too. Here are loads of interesting facts and articles written by paleontologists for you to be able to use in your classroom. Your children will love our centre-fold which will be at home in any school library. We will be producing more DINOSAUR TIMES for you and you will be receiving them at regular intervals in the future. I trust you will enjoy it.

It gives me great pleasure to forward to you this, our first issue of DINOSAUR TIMES.

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